Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The numbers, please...

OK. One of our swimmers, Jenny Birmelin, carried a Garmin GPS device while she swam. The resulting maps and stats are fascinating. The most interesting thing to me are the elevation numbers, which claim she climbed and than fell by about 38 feet during the swim. Where do they get the ability to look at elevation in the middle of a 14 mile swim? How can they be this accurate? I believe the 38 feet is a rounding error, but the numbers are still incredibly impressive. What the Garmin device doesn't portray, however, is the pounding she (and all of us) took while making this swim.

I swam a mile today - probably a 29 minute mile, which is moderate for me. My shoulder is still very sore, but I can find a stroke where it doesn't seem to bother me. I keep telling myself that means it is the correct stroke. And swimming in the pool is absolutely cake compared to the lake. The comparison to yesterday is astounding.

And I watched the wind sock on the lake change around a bit, but get as far over as eastnortheast, which would have made our lives much more enjoyable yesterday, and would have taken at least an hour off our time. See "" for the detail stats.

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