Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here we go again...

OK. The week of August 16th it looks like we're going again. Same crew of guys, though several people have signed on to join us - we may need another boat. Last year's swimmers were Mike Stevens, Mike Hutchinson, Greg McDuffee, Greg Erne, Derek Weaver and me. Derek was the one doing the butterfly last year after about 6 miles - very discouraging. But, he also landed an article in the Master's swimming magazine, "The Swimmer", so we forgive him.

We are apparently in various stages of preparation - some of us have not been swimming a lot - others have been going almost daily. The rules are the same - we start at Harsen's island and swim until we hit the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club.

I may try to stay in the water the entire time this year - the last two years I have gotten out of the water every three miles or so and had a drink, etc. I'm never out for more than 5 minutes - but I am officially out of the water. Maybe this is the year I don't stop.

If you are interested - please email us. As I mentioned, we can probably use another boat, and if you are interested in swimming an endurance-oriented, though not exceptionally serious event, this is it.

I think we may have some PR help this year, thanks to Stephanie Green, who should be sending out press notices, etc. All we need is an event coordinator and we'll be official...

Any other help is gratefully accepted as well. And it reminds me, I'm going to go over my notes and see everyone who offered to take a role this year. And, of course, if anyone knows a good intern, we're always willing to train.

By the way, Rickie has been very healthy since January - knock on wood. We are hoping to keep the streak going through the entire year.

That's all for now.