Monday, August 16, 2010


We've all been running around - getting the boat ready, getting snacks and food, getting our gear, etc. It is beginning to get crazy...

No swimming today - though I may just get in the water later and relax. We have also had a great response from the media - thank you all so much. Fox 2 this morning with Cam Carmen; Grosse Pointe Cable - thanks to Dave Draper; Radio station 96.3; the Detroit News; and tomorrow Paul W. on WJR. It's amazing how people are getting involved.

And the 11 swimmers? These 4 guys - Mike Stevens, who is both swimming and captaining the boat, Greg McDuffee, Mike Hutchinson, and Derek Weaver will have done all three crossings. This will be Greg Erne's second crossing, and this year's rookies are: Blake Kenny, Jenny Bernwin (swimming the entire distance), Tim Ross, Dave Draper, and Pete Stevens.

It's a great group - and I am looking forward to the ride over and the start. That's as far as I get - after the start, I figure it will all work itself out. We'll have almost everyone in the water for the start, swimming from Harsens/Gull Island to the old south channel lights. At that point the boat will pick up 5 of the swimmers and the rest of us will keep moving. Then every mile or so, we'll swap out the relay swimmers and Jenny and I will stay in.

It turns out we'll be swimming right into southwest winds, which are the prevailing winds for this course. We'll have to see how that affects us, but swimming with the current into 15 knot winds is not a recipe for a smooth swim. But hopefully the weather will cooperate. We could all use some wind at my back right about now.


  1. Birmelin is looking forward to it.

  2. I've got your back and will be blowing that old southwest wind up your way!
    You're very proud sis! Love ya so much! Holly