Friday, August 13, 2010

4 more days...

The preparations continue to progress. We are up to 9 swimmers, so we may need another boat at this point. Mike Stevens is again providing the boats, which is huge for us. We have gotten a fair amount of media - and a number of other outlets have promised to help as well.
We all seem to be kicking up our mileage - I did some 4 and 5 milers recently, though I haven't managed to get in the lake yet. All I remember at this point is how cold it feels. I don't wear a wet suit, so it gets chilly every now and then - the water temp bounces around a bit, from 65 to 72 last year. On the plus side, sometimes the cold spots are invigorating enough to instantly wake you up.
This is the time when you occasionally think to yourself - "Wow - can I really make it this year? My shoulder is sore, I'm old, and it is a long way"... But then I think about Rickie and the commitment on the part of those other swimmers who are joining us and the nervousness dissolves into determination.
The comraderie is the thing that keeps me coming back. Everyone who has been a swimmer in this event has commited to coming back this year. Friends are everything - they keep me going during these crazy times. Thanks again to all the swimmers for their support and commitment.
If you'd like to join us, please email me at ric[at] We can also use someone who can help us organize and potentially grow the event. This would likely be an internship or volunteer position.
More soon.

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