Thursday, August 27, 2009

More from the swimmers!

Another viewpoint from our first timer Greg Erne...

Wow, what a memory Ric has. My recollection was "shoot, darn, ouch, cold, yucky seaweed, was that an alligator with a musky in its mouth?, cant pee in this damn suit, shoot, darn, ouch, how the heck does ric keep going? i need fins next year, i'm hungry, what kind of a show-off does butterfly on a long-distance swim - I won't show him up right now, did my arm just fall off?, there is that alligator again - but with a jobbie nooner in his mouth - serves him right for skipping work, i sure hope that is seaweed i just swam through and not ric's recent meal, how come i cant catch up to these guys, i didnt realize that the 9 mile tower was so small - oh its not it is just miles away, shoot, darn, ouch, okay - this is ridiculous...and lastly - what a great event - and everytime i think I am tired i just think about someone with CF and the above compaints go away"

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