Monday, October 12, 2009

Lake St Clair

Here's the lake - with a loose approximation of where the currents are (the thin blue lines). You can see that they tend to run into the center of the lake - which is OK, and that they cross the shipping channel - which is not OK. The small stars are the two old South Channel Lights that we crossed in front of at the start of our swim. The thin dotted line is our approximate course. "Approximate" means that we were hoping for more or less this path, but... The first year we ended up 3.5 miles off shore and had to come straight in. Ouch...
The good news is that all six of this year's team have agreed to go again - in 2010. And we have picked up another 4 swimmers already - and expect more after the article appears in the US Master's Swimming Magazine (Jan/Feb) issue - thanks to Derek Weaver, bottom left in the picture. He was the one who came in 4th in the 100 free at the US Master's Long Course Nationals two days before our swim. He is also the one who was doing the butterfly for much of his swim in the lake. For Derek, this is a chance to swim like a wildman for short bursts without flipturning at the end of the pool. For the rest of us, the name of the game is survival. C'est la vie...
We are anxiously looking forward to next year's swim already. If anyone has any questions - please leave your email info on the blog.

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