Monday, August 10, 2009

8 Hours and counting!!!

Last year getting into the water!

After their swim we are there to welcome them!

As of 10pm this evening the swim is on! Of course our weather changes very quickly so we'll see in the morning how it looks!

Starting point - Harsen's Island

Path - swim between the two South Channel Lighthouses, and head for a spot just north of the 9 mile tower. Once we get close to the coast,
we will stay about a mile offshore and swim south to the Grosse Point Yacht Club (GPYC). We will get out at the breakwall by the GPYC.

Timing: - at the GPYC at 7:30am; on the boat at 8am. Boat to Harsen's Island before 8:30am, begin our swim by 9am.
- 7 hours in the water equals 4:00 pm finish at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club.
- 8 hours in the water equals 5:00 pm finish at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club.

7 Swimmers - Ric Geyer, MIke Hutchinson, Greg McDuffee, Mike Stevens, Derek Weaver (all 2nd year, all met at the Detroit Athletic Club)
- Greg Erne, Pete Stevens (1st year rookies...)

Tom Trainer - Gen Mgr of the GPYC - if you need permissions, etc. He is expecting you guys at some point.

We are hoping that at least two of us to swim the entire distance, the others will all swim legs of the distance

Funny story - last year we would have gotten coverage, helicopter, the whole deal, but Kwame Kilpatrick resigned that day - pulling all the news people. This year we're hoping Bing stays put, and Monica's already resigned...

This unfortunely is not a spectator event...although we would LOVE to have a lot of people at the finish, we're not quite sure if the GPYC will allow that.

Thank you for your support, next year we'll try to have an event at the finish!

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