Sunday, July 20, 2014

Tomorrow is the day...

It's TOMORROW!!!  It seems to come back so quickly each year.  Just went down to the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club, stood on the docks and looked off to the NNE to see if I could spot Harsen's Island.  It was clear today, but apparently too hazy to see the Island. The lighthouse you can make out is the St Clair Lighthouse.  Our destination is several miles past this lighthouse and several miles (at least) to the north... So I guess at 14 miles you start to deal with curvature of the earth... A scary thought,given we are going to swim that distance tomorrow.
A young store clerk asked me if me if I had heard of the guy last year who swam from about where we are starting, and went all the way to downtown Detroit - dragging a rowboat full of bricks.  The problem I have with her asking me about him is that continuing to talk about that episode will only egg him on.  And the last thing we need is another load of bricks moved from Harsen's Island to downtown Detroit.  Personally, I thought he should have dragged a rowboat full of bathtub gin from Canada to Detroit.  At least that would have been historically relevant.
So, we're off.  Up at 6:00am - at the docks at the Yacht Club at 7am, then we're enroute by 7:45.  Arrive at Harsen's Island and in the water by 8:30...  More to come...
PS. I think the elbow I dislocated about 4 weeks ago feels a LOT better.  Swam for the first time in 12 days today; 3/4 of a mile - seemed like it might be OK. Hurt a little, but nothing really serious. So we'll see how far I can get tomorrow. If I can get 3 miles, I will consider it a success...   Oh, and don't tell my doctor... She would not be pleased..

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