Monday, January 18, 2010

Finished December - made the 75 miles for the month, then took a little break. It's the 18th of January and I'm only at 20 miles - I'll end up for January between 40 and 50 somewhere. Having a little problem with what appears to be carpal tunnel or something going on with my arms - mostly my right arm. Doesn't hurt too much when I swim, but certainly makes typing tough.

Not much to report - Rickie is doiong extremely well, by the way. He made it through the flu season (or at least the first part of it) without major mishap - although everyone else in the house was sick at some point. We all got our flu shots at a neighborhood medical clinic in Detroit, off Mound and 7 mile. One of the nicest experiences I've had in a doctor's office. The people were wonderful, and there was NO line...

So, no swime flu here, apparently, but we've had every other kind. Stomach, respiratory, etc. Well, it's over now, and I'm back in the water. I am seasoned enough now to know that I can't get back at it for at least a couple of days. Even after I feel fine again, I need to wait one or two more days - or I can relapse. Have done that many times before..

Hope everyone is well.

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