Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's getting close - just over three weeks left... For some reason this one feels more difficult than the rest.  Maybe because I'm another year older. Maybe because my shoulders are toast after swimming, maybe 2000 miles in the last 6 years.  But, I am looking forward to another great crossing.  Saw an article where a guy was fined $500 for swimming across the Detroit River.  The fine was levied because he crossed a shipping channel, which seems odd, because sailboats can cross shipping channels without penalty, and they aren't terribly fast either.

I'd like to welcome my friends from Atlanta as well as our old friends from Detroit.  If you're from Atlanta, you will soon be able to donate to the CF Center for Excellence (Emory University).  They are building the preeminent CF center in the country (you fans of U of M's Mott's Children's Hospital can question that assertion) and have been excellent to Rickie.  I have just agreed to sit on the Community Board of the CF Center. In addition, in partnership with the Center, and with the CF Foundation down here, we are hosting a "Hack for CF", which is a hackathon focused on cf.  "" will be up shortly for more information.

If you have any questions, on the swim or on the "Hack for cf" please feel free to email me at "ric @ 4731solutions . com.

All the best, Ric

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